Can you print me one shirt?

Unfortunately the process of screen printing is not suited for making individual items. Most of the process happens before the actual printing and is the same no matter how big or small the order is. 

We can point you to printers who use Direct to Garment printing which is much better suited for small orders. 

How big can you print?

We usually print up to a 11"x17" space. If your needs are bigger, there will be an over sized print charge. 

How should I prepare my files?

This is very important. Please visit our file prep page for the specifics. We can do it for you for a file prepping fee. We will be able to quote you before starting the project.

What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is 7-10 business days after artwork approval. Certain processes and services can extend this time. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for an in depth breakdown for these processes.

What are your minimums?

For apparel printing, our minimum is 12 pieces. For other print options please contact us about minimums and pricing.

Can I mix and match the color of shirts and inks?

You can order as many color shirts as long as they are the same style for no extra charge. For ink color changes there will be a $15 fee per additional color change.

I am missing a shirt or two from my order. What happened?

Due to the nature of this business there may be an under-run possibility due to factory flaw, vendor shortage, or we feel that the print is not up to standard. We do our best for you to get what you ordered and will refund you any item shortages from your order. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page for more information.

How do I know what size shirt to get?

We have an adult size chart for you to look at. Keep in mind these sizes are relevant and may change based on the style and kind of shirt. The best thing to do is go off of something you already have.